Small Groups

What are Small Groups?

Small groups are the way we connect with others throughout the week in a smaller setting to better know God and build community.  At Hub Church we believe that  we're designed to live in community! Simply put, small groups are where life happens. Our goal is to help people  face life with the kind of love and support God shows us everyday.
Check out the different types of small groups you have the opportunity to be a part of below. Our small groups are typically 8-12 weeks long, offered two times a year starting in the fall (September) and in the late winter/early spring (March). 

Types of Small Groups

Life Groups

Usually consist of 4-20 people gathering in a leader's home or special place.  Life Groups are designed to help facilitate opportunities for more intimate relationships within our church friends/family. The nature of these groups provides a less pressured environment for people to be real with one another when it comes to spiritual things. This is not necessarily a Bible or book study, but a group that simply spends time together doing a particular activity (ie. cooking, working out, quilting etc.), and talks about the highs & lows of life. This is a great group for new attendees to get their feet wet & build community at Hub. 

Spiritual Formation Groups

Usually consist of 4-12 people gathering in a leader's home or designated space at Hub Church. Spiritual Formation Groups focus on the deepening of one's relationship with God. This type of group will typically be centered around a Bible study or leadership book. The leader is challenging, answers questions, and ultimately pushes each member to become increasingly more like Jesus. 

Freedom Groups

Usually consists of 4-15 people gathering in a designated space at Hub Church. These groups are divided into male & female and leaders of the groups have gone through specific training. Freedom groups are designed to help believers move from the experience of salvation to the abundant life that Jesus desires for them. The completion of this group includes a conference hosted by Hub Church. 

Financial Peace University

Usually consist of 4 or more people gathering in a designated space at Hub Church. Financial Peace Groups are meant to help group members understand God's way of handling money, so that they can live in peace. This group gives practical advice and tools that can be implemented in someones life immediately.  This group has a registration fee that covers Financial Peace membership.